High School Achievements

​Proudly Representing Jostens since 1974


Stationary for any event has been a staple for many generations. It is the proper way to announce, and or invite the people in your life to have the opportunity to tell you how proud they are of your senior. It has been a long road, and even though many of you will go to college, your high school graduation only happens once. Keep those memories and allow others in your life to have that memory as well. ​

When I graduated from High School 27 years ago, my parents being military at Randolph, sent out 50 announcements to friends and family. Even though my mom, dad and little brother were the only ones to attend, 47 other people in my life congratulated me by either card or a phone call. Even though I attended college, high school graduation has always been a fond memory for me. 

We try to make each graduation special with everything we do. Each school has a traditional announcement that has the school crest etched in foil. Every announcement has the time, date and place of graduation laser engraved inside. The best part is that each traditional announcement has a place to put your student's picture and name card to highlight each graduate.

We also now offer Next Step Photo Cards. Customize these cards with your redemption code online using the pictures and messages of your choice. High School Achievements / Jostens South Texas is the only company that has your official school crest to put on these photo cards instead of a generic senior crest. Use the traditional announcement to let people know about your graduation and use the Next Step Photo Cards to let friends and family know what you have planned in the future. The Next Step Photo Card slides perfectly into your traditional announcement for a beautiful presentation when your friends open it up.

There are three types of mail that people receive. There is the mail that goes in the trash right away, there is the mail your set aside to take care of later, and there is what I call fridge worthy mail. The type of mail that is beautiful that gets magnetized to the front of the fridge so as not to forget the date.